Our Wines

The names of Boroka’s wine range has been adopted from famous landmarks in the Grampians.

Boroka Pinnacle

The Pinnacle’

Which means the highest point of excellence is probably the most renowned lookout and walking trail in the Grampians.

Our wines under this label are single vineyard and matured in fine oak barrels for an extended period of time to arrive with the Pinnacle wine of excellence!

This wine is made for longevity and cellaring opportunities of 10 to 15 years.

Boroka Bellfield 250x300


Is named after the most stunning and fruitful lake in the Grampians Mountain Range.

This wine has been crafted to display fantastic varietal characters and develops complexities from maturing in oak barrels. It can be drunk now, but will benefit from cellaring for up to 5 – 7 years.

Boroka Victory 250x300


Is synonymous to the quality of our wine branded under this label. Its name derives from the one of the most spectacular tourist roads in the Grampians.

An enjoyable wine which can be drunk now. This wine in made from specific grapes sourced to promote flavour and varietal typicality, and so enhancing the wine drinking experience.

Although this wine may benefit from some cellaring, drinking now will be a delight.